Systems Requirements Checklists

  • Core Financial Systems Requirements: Checklist for Reviewing Systems
    under the Federal Financial Management Improvement Act.
    GAO-05-225G. Washington, D.C.: February 2005
  • Acquisition/Financial Systems Interface Requirements.
    GAO-04-650G. Washington, D.C.: June 2004
  • Benefit System Requirements Checklist.
    GAO-04-22G. Washington, D.C.: October 2003
  • Property Management Systems Requirements Checklist.
    GAO-02-171G. Washington, D.C.: December 2001
  • Grant Financial System Requirements Checklist.
    GAO-01-911G. Washington, D.C.: September 2001
  • Guaranteed Loan System Requirements Checklist.
    GAO-01-371G. Washington, D.C.: March 2001
  • Seized Property and Forfeited Assets Requirements Checklist.
    GAO-01-99G. Washington, D.C.: October 2000
  • Travel System Requirements Checklist.
    GAO/AIMD-00-21.2.8. Washington, D.C.: May 2000
  • Direct Loan System Requirements Checklist.
    GAO/AIMD-00-21.2.6. Washington, D.C.: April 2000
  • Human Resources and Payroll Systems Requirements Checklist.
    GAO/AIMD-00-21.2.3. Washington, D.C.: March 2000
  • System Requirements for Managerial Cost Accounting Checklist.
    GAO/AIMD-99-21.2.9. Washington, D.C.: January 1999
  • Inventory System Checklist.
    GAO/AIMD-98-21.2.4. Washington, D.C.: May 1998
  • Framework for Federal Financial Management System Checklist.
    GAO/AIMD-98-21.2.1. Washington, D.C.: May 1998