Special Publications: Evaluation Research and Methodology

Agencies' Annual Performance Plans Under the Results Act: An Assessment Guide to Facilitate Congressional Decisionmaking
GGD/AIMD-10.1.18S  February 1, 1998
Agencies' Strategic Plans Under GPRA: Key Questions to Facilitate Congressional Review (Version 1)
GGD-10.1.16  May 1, 1997
Assessing the Reliability of Computer-Processed Data (Supersedes GAO-03-273G)
GAO-09-680G  July 1, 2009
An Audit Quality Control System: Essential Elements
OP-4.1.6  August 1, 1993
Best Practices: Using A Knowledge-Based Approach To Improve Weapon Acquisition
GAO-04-386SP  January 1, 2004
Best Practices: Highlights of the Knowledge-Based Approach Used to Improve Weapon Acquisition
GAO-04-392SP  January 1, 2004
Business Process Reengineering Assessment Guide--Version 3
AIMD-10.1.15  April 1, 1997

This Guide comes in two versions. The PDF version is a copy of the paper version of the Guide. The HTML version expands on the PDF version by linking to related documents, legislation, and other material not found in the PDF version.

Case Study Evaluations
PEMD-10.1.9  November 1, 1990
Designing Evaluations
GAO-12-208G  January 31, 2012
Determining Performance and Accountability Challenges and High Risks (Exposure Draft)
OCG-00-12  August 1, 2000
The Evaluation Synthesis
PEMD-10.1.2  March 1, 1992
Executive Guide: Improving Mission Performance Through Strategic Information Management and Technology
AIMD-94-115  May 1, 1994
Human Capital: A Self-Assessment Checklist for Agency Leaders
OCG-00-14G  September 1, 2000
Investigators' Guide to Sources of Information
OSI-97-2  April 1, 1997
Message Conferences: A Guide to Improving Product Quality and Timeliness
OP-6.3.1  June 1, 1992
A Model of Strategic Human Capital Management
GAO-02-373SP  March 15, 2002
Performance Measurement and Evaluation: Definitions and Relationships (Supercedes GAO-05-739SP)
GAO-11-646SP  May 2, 2011
Planning, Preparing, Documenting, and Referencing SAS Products
IMTEC-11.1.2  August 1, 1992
Preparing, Documenting, and Referencing Microcomputer Data Base Applications
IMTEC-11.1.1  April 1, 1991
Prospective Evaluation Methods: The Prospective Evaluation Synthesis
PEMD-10.1.10  November 1, 1990
Quantitative Data Analysis: An Introduction
PEMD-10.1.11  June 1, 1992
Information Technology: An Audit Guide For Assessing Acquisition Risks
IMTEC-8.1.4  December 1, 1992
Record Linkage and Privacy: Issues in Creating New Federal Research and Statistical Information
GAO-01-126SP  April 1, 2001
The Results Act: An Evaluator's Guide to Assessing Agency Annual Performance Plans
GGD-10.1.20  April 1, 1998
Results-Oriented Budget Practices in Federal Agencies
GAO-01-1084SP  August 1, 2001
Using Structured Interviewing Techniques
PEMD-10.1.5  July 1, 1991