Appropriations Law Forum 2005

The GAO held an Appropriations Law Forum on March 10, 2005 to coincide with the publication of the 2004 Update of the Third Edition of Volume I of Principles of Federal Appropriations Law. The session included an overview of significant decisions issued in 2004, with separate discussions of interagency transactions and the availability of appropriated funds to purchase food.

Appropriations Law Review (PDF, 7 pages)

Can Your Agency Use Appropriated Funds for Meals and Light Refreshments? (Superseded by 2011 Version) (PDF, 9 pages)

Interagency Transactions (PDF, 4 pages)

Circular Letters (PDF, 6 pages)

Digests of Appropriations Law Decisions and Opinions (October 2003 to December 2004)
GAO-05-425SP, March 1, 2005