Search Bid Protest Docket

GAO's bid protest docket may be searched using any of the following criteria:

    • case status (open, closed, or all cases),
    • contracting agency,
    • solicitation number, or
    • protester.

Tip: For protester, if you do not know the full name of a company, enter as many words as you know are contained in the name. To retrieve "Widget Toy Co.," for example, enter "widget," "widget toy," or "toy co."

About the Results

Quick View provides the following information:

    • filed date,
    • due date,
    • case type,
    • GAO attorney,
    • file number,
    • status (open, closed),
    • outcome of a closed protest (sustained, denied, dismissed, withdrawn, etc.), and
    • a link to the decision summary when a decision is publicly available.

Example : 123456
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