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GAO does not post routine dismissals, and protected decisions must be redacted before they can be published. For more information, see Bid Protest FAQs. In addition to published decisions, this page may include press releases that provide information about certain pending or recently decided protests.

Wolverine Services LLC

B-409906.3,B-409906.5: Oct 14, 2014
Sigma Space Corporation

B-410062,B-410062.2,B-410062.3: Oct 16, 2014
FCi Federal, Inc.

B-408558.4,B-408558.5,B-408558.6: Oct 20, 2014
Fox RPM Corporation

B-409676.2,B-409676.3: Oct 20, 2014
JRS Staffing Services

B-410098,B-410098.2,B-410098.3,B-410098.4,B-410098.5,B-410100,B-410100.2,B-410100.3,B-410100.4,B-410100.5,B-410101,B-410101.2,B-410101.3,B-410101.4,B-410101.5: Oct 22, 2014

B-410035,B-410035.2: Oct 15, 2014
The Boeing Company

B-409941,B-409941.2: Sep 18, 2014

B-409906.2: Oct 10, 2014
Walsh Construction Company II, LLC

B-410015,B-410015.2,B-410015.3: Sep 25, 2014
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP; IBM U.S. Federal

B-409885,B-409885.2,B-409885.3,B-409885.4,B-409885.5,B-409885.6: Sep 5, 2014
Computech, Inc.

B-409195.2,B-409195.3: Jul 29, 2014
Electrosoft Services, Inc.

B-409065,B-409065.2,B-409065.3: Jan 27, 2014