Best Practices

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Organizational Transformation: A Framework for Assessing and Improving Enterprise Architecture Management (Version 2.0) (Supersedes GAO-03-584G)
GAO-10-846G, August 5, 2010
Small Business Innovation Research: SBA Should Work with Agencies to Improve the Data Available for Program Evaluation
GAO-11-698, August 15, 2011
Information Technology: DHS Needs to Improve Its Independent Acquisition Reviews
GAO-11-581, July 28, 2011
Green Information Technology: Agencies Have Taken Steps to Implement Requirements, but Additional Guidance on Measuring Performance Needed
GAO-11-638, July 28, 2011
USDA Systems Modernization: Management and Oversight Improvements Are Needed
GAO-11-586, July 20, 2011
Space Research: Content and Coordination of Space Science and Technology Strategy Need to Be More Robust
GAO-11-722, July 19, 2011
Federal Protective Service: Progress Made but Improved Schedule and Cost Estimate Needed to Complete Transition
GAO-11-554, July 15, 2011
Public Transportation: Washington Metro Could Benefit from Clarified Board Roles and Responsibilities, Improved Strategic Planning
GAO-11-660, June 30, 2011
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation: Asset Management Needs Better Stewardship
GAO-11-271, June 30, 2011
Department of Defense: Further Actions Needed to Institutionalize Key Business System Modernization Management Controls
GAO-11-684, June 29, 2011
National Preparedness: DHS and HHS Can Further Strengthen Coordination for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Risk Assessments
GAO-11-606, June 21, 2011
FEMA: Action Needed to Improve Administration of the National Flood Insurance Program
GAO-11-297, June 9, 2011
Opportunities to Reduce Potential Duplication in Government Programs, Save Tax Dollars, and Enhance Revenue
GAO-11-635T, May 25, 2011
VA Health Care: Need for More Transparency in New Resource Allocation Process and for Written Policies on Monitoring Resources
GAO-11-426, April 29, 2011
Coast Guard: Observations on Acquisition Management and Efforts to Reassess the Deepwater Program
GAO-11-535T, April 13, 2011
Coast Guard: Opportunities Exist to Further Improve Acquisition Management Capabilities
GAO-11-480, April 13, 2011
Tax Preparer Regulation: IRS Needs a Documented Framework to Achieve Goal of Improving Taxpayer Compliance
GAO-11-336, March 31, 2011
Key Indicator Systems: Experiences of Other National and Subnational Systems Offer Insights for the United States
GAO-11-396, March 31, 2011
List of Selected Federal Programs That Have Similar or Overlapping Objectives, Provide Similar Services, or Are Fragmented Across Government Missions
GAO-11-474R, March 18, 2011
Department of Labor: Further Management Improvements Needed to Address Information Technology and Financial Controls
GAO-11-157, March 16, 2011
Depot Maintenance: Navy Has Revised Its Estimated Workforce Cost for Basing an Aircraft Carrier at Mayport, Florida
GAO-11-257R, March 3, 2011
NASA: Assessments of Selected Large-Scale Projects
GAO-11-239SP, March 3, 2011
Defense Infrastructure: Navy Can Improve the Quality of Its Cost Estimate to Homeport an Aircraft Carrier at Naval Station Mayport
GAO-11-309, March 3, 2011
Opportunities to Reduce Potential Duplication in Government Programs, Save Tax Dollars, and Enhance Revenue
GAO-11-441T, March 3, 2011
Opportunities to Reduce Potential Duplication in Government Programs, Save Tax Dollars, and Enhance Revenue
GAO-11-318SP, March 1, 2011
Federal Workforce: Practices to Increase the Employment of Individuals with Disabilities
GAO-11-351T, February 16, 2011
Defense Business Transformation: DOD Needs to Take Additional Actions to Further Define Key Management Roles, Develop Measurable Goals, and Align Planning Efforts
GAO-11-181R, January 26, 2011
Electronic Records Archive: National Archives Needs to Strengthen Its Capacity to Use Earned Value Techniques to Manage and Oversee Development
GAO-11-86, January 13, 2011
B-2 Bomber: Review of the Air Force's Decision to Change Extremely High Frequency Satellite Communications Antennas
GAO-11-180R, December 16, 2010
Information Sharing: DHS Could Better Define How It Plans to Meet Its State and Local Mission and Improve Performance Accountability
GAO-11-223, December 16, 2010
Nuclear Nonproliferation: Comprehensive U.S. Planning and Better Foreign Cooperation Needed to Secure Vulnerable Nuclear Materials Worldwide
GAO-11-227, December 15, 2010
GAO Travel Cards: Opportunities Exist to Further Strengthen Controls
OIG-11-1, December 7, 2010
Nuclear Weapons: National Nuclear Security Administration's Plans for Its Uranium Processing Facility Should Better Reflect Funding Estimates and Technology Readiness
GAO-11-103, November 19, 2010
Defense Contracting: Enhanced Training Could Strengthen DOD's Best Value Tradeoff Decisions
GAO-11-8, October 28, 2010
Military Housing: Installations Need to Share Information on Their Section 801 On-Base Housing Contracts
GAO-11-60, October 28, 2010
Federal Aviation Administration: Agency Is Taking Steps to Plan for and Train Its Technician Workforce, but a More Strategic Approach Is Warranted
GAO-11-91, October 22, 2010
DOD Business Transformation: Improved Management Oversight of Business System Modernization Efforts Needed
GAO-11-53, October 7, 2010
Information Technology: Opportunities Exist to Improve Management of DOD's Electronic Health Record Initiative
GAO-11-50, October 6, 2010
Highlights of a Forum: Participant-Identified Leading Practices That Could Increase the Employment of Individuals with Disabilities in the Federal Workforce
GAO-11-81SP, October 5, 2010
Office of the Federal Detention Trustee's (OFDT) Cost Estimation Methods Reflect Features of Best Practices, but Processes Could be Enhanced
GAO-10-1037R, September 30, 2010
Nursing Homes: Complexity of Private Investment Purchases Demonstrates Need for CMS to Improve the Usability and Completeness of Ownership Data
GAO-10-710, September 30, 2010
Tax Debt Collection: IRS Could Improve Future Studies by Establishing Appropriate Guidance
GAO-10-963, September 24, 2010
Supply Chain Security: CBP Has Made Progress in Assisting the Trade Industry in Implementing the New Importer Security Filing Requirements, but Some Challenges Remain
GAO-10-841, September 10, 2010
Group Purchasing Organizations: Services Provided to Customers and Initiatives Regarding Their Business Practices
GAO-10-738, August 24, 2010
Pipeline Security: TSA Has Taken Actions to Help Strengthen Security, but Could Improve Priority-Setting and Assessment Processes
GAO-10-867, August 4, 2010
Performance Measurement: Better Alignment to Strategic Goals and Data Verification Needed at the Corporation for National and Community Service
GAO-10-886, July 28, 2010
Homeland Security: Preliminary Observations on the Federal Protective Service's Workforce Analysis and Planning Efforts
GAO-10-802R, June 14, 2010
Electronic Records Archive: Status Update on the National Archives and Records Administration's Fiscal Year 2010 Expenditure Plan
GAO-10-657, June 11, 2010
Sourcing Policy: Initial Agency Efforts to Balance the Government to Contractor Mix in the Multisector Workforce
GAO-10-744T, May 20, 2010
Defense Acquisitions: Observations on Weapon Program Performance and Acquisition Reforms
GAO-10-706T, May 19, 2010
St. Lawrence Seaway: Estimates for the Asset Renewal Program Will Change, and Implementing Best Practices May Improve the Estimates' Reliability
GAO-10-541R, May 13, 2010
Anti-Money Laundering: Better Communication Could Enhance the Support FinCEN Provides to Law Enforcement
GAO-10-622T, April 28, 2010
Best Practices: DOD Can Achieve Better Outcomes by Standardizing the Way Manufacturing Risks Are Managed
GAO-10-439, April 22, 2010
GAO Review of the Department of Homeland Security's Certification of the Secure Flight Program--Cost and Schedule Estimates
GAO-10-535R, April 5, 2010
Defense Acquisitions: Assessments of Selected Weapon Programs
GAO-10-388SP, March 30, 2010
Defense Supplier Base: DOD Should Leverage Ongoing Initiatives in Developing Its Program to Mitigate Risk of Counterfeit Parts
GAO-10-389, March 29, 2010
Space Acquisitions: DOD Poised to Enhance Space Capabilities, but Persistent Challenges Remain in Developing Space Systems
GAO-10-447T, March 10, 2010
License Suspensions for Nondriving Offenses: Practices in Four States That May Ease the Financial Impact on Low-Income Individuals
GAO-10-217, February 18, 2010
Military Personnel: Additional Actions Are Needed to Strengthen DOD's and the Coast Guard's Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Programs
GAO-10-215, February 3, 2010
Littoral Combat Ship: Actions Needed to Improve Operating Cost Estimates and Mitigate Risks in Implementing New Concepts
GAO-10-257, February 2, 2010
Coast Guard: Service Has Taken Steps to Address Historic Personnel Problems, but It Is too Soon to Assess the Impact of These Efforts
GAO-10-268R, January 29, 2010
Defense Acquisitions: Status of DOD's Implementation of Independent Management Reviews for Services Acquisitions
GAO-10-284, January 28, 2010
Department of Energy: Actions Needed to Develop High-Quality Cost Estimates for Construction and Environmental Cleanup Projects
GAO-10-199, January 14, 2010
Information Sharing: Federal Agencies Are Sharing Border and Terrorism Information with Local and Tribal Law Enforcement Agencies, but Additional Efforts Are Needed
GAO-10-41, December 18, 2009
VA Construction: VA Is Working to Improve Initial Project Cost Estimates, but Should Analyze Cost and Schedule Risks
GAO-10-189, December 14, 2009
Anti-Money Laundering: Improved Communication Could Enhance the Support FinCEN Provides to Law Enforcement
GAO-10-141, December 14, 2009
Financial Management Systems: DHS Faces Challenges to Successfully Consolidating Its Existing Disparate Systems
GAO-10-76, December 4, 2009
Transportation Worker Identification Credential: Progress Made in Enrolling Workers and Activating Credentials but Evaluation Plan Needed to Help Inform the Implementation of Card Readers
GAO-10-43, November 18, 2009
Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Medical Examination of Aliens--Removal of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infection From Definition of Communicable Disease of Public Health Significance
GAO-10-239R, November 17, 2009
2010 Census: Census Bureau Has Made Progress on Schedule and Operational Control Tools, but Needs to Prioritize Remaining System Requirements
GAO-10-59, November 13, 2009
Bureau of Prisons: Methods for Cost Estimation Largely Reflect Best Practices, but Quantifying Risks Would Enhance Decision Making
GAO-10-94, November 10, 2009
Millennium Challenge Corporation: MCC Has Addressed a Number of Implementation Challenges, but Needs to Improve Financial Controls and Infrastructure Planning
GAO-10-52, November 6, 2009
National Archives: Progress and Risks in Implementing its Electronic Records Archive Initiative
GAO-10-222T, November 5, 2009
Information Security: Concerted Effort Needed to Improve Federal Performance Measures
GAO-10-159T, October 29, 2009
Financial Management Systems: DHS Faces Challenges to Successfully Consolidate Its Existing Disparate Systems
GAO-10-210T, October 29, 2009
Information Technology: U.S. Postal Service Needs to Strengthen System Acquisition and Management Capabilities to Improve Its Intelligent Mail Full Service Program
GAO-10-145, October 29, 2009
Federal Aviation Administration: Human Capital System Incorporates Many Leading Practices, but Improving Employees' Satisfaction with Their Workplace Remains a Challenge
GAO-10-89, October 28, 2009
Nuclear Weapons: National Nuclear Security Administration Needs to Better Manage Risks Associated with Modernization of Its Kansas City Plant
GAO-10-115, October 23, 2009
Defense Acquisitions: Rapid Acquisition of MRAP Vehicles
GAO-10-155T, October 8, 2009
Information Technology: Agencies Need to Improve the Implementation and Use of Earned Value Techniques to Help Manage Major System Acquisitions
GAO-10-2, October 8, 2009
Human Capital Interim Strategic Plan: Fiscal Years 2010-2012
GAO-10-269SP, September 28, 2009
No Child Left Behind Act: Enhancements in the Department of Education's Review Process Could Improve State Academic Assessments
GAO-09-911, September 24, 2009
Defense Acquisitions: Sound Practices Critical to Ensuring Value for the Defense Logistics Agency's Acquisitions
GAO-09-1040T, September 24, 2009
Information Security: Concerted Effort Needed to Improve Federal Performance Measures
GAO-09-617, September 14, 2009
Affordable Housing in Transit-Oriented Development: Key Practices Could Enhance Recent Collaboration Efforts between DOT-FTA and HUD
GAO-09-871, September 9, 2009
Information Technology: DOD Needs to Strengthen Management of Its Statutorily Mandated Software and System Process Improvement Efforts
GAO-09-888, September 8, 2009
Homeland Security: Actions Needed to Improve Security Practices at National Icons and Parks
GAO-09-983, August 28, 2009
Federal Contracting: Application of OMB Guidance Can Improve Use of Award Fee Contracts
GAO-09-839T, August 3, 2009
United Nations: Renovation Still Scheduled for Completion in 2013, but Risk to Its Schedule and Cost Remain
GAO-09-870R, July 30, 2009
CBP Could Improve Its Estimation of Funding Needed for New Border Patrol Agents
GAO-09-542R, June 15, 2009
Information Technology: FDA Needs to Establish Key Plans and Processes for Guiding Systems Modernization Efforts
GAO-09-523, June 2, 2009
Federal Contracting: Guidance on Award Fees Has Led to Better Practices but Is Not Consistently Applied
GAO-09-630, May 29, 2009
Financial Audit: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Funds' 2008 and 2007 Financial Statements
GAO-09-535, May 28, 2009
Best Practices: High Levels of Knowledge at Key Points Differentiate Commercial Shipbuilding from Navy Shipbuilding
GAO-09-322, May 13, 2009
Aviation Security: TSA Has Completed Key Activities Associated with Implementing Secure Flight, but Additional Actions Are Needed to Mitigate Risks
GAO-09-292, May 13, 2009
Recovery Act: GAO's Efforts to Work with the Accountability Community to Help Ensure Effective and Efficient Oversight
GAO-09-672T, May 5, 2009
Financial Literacy and Education Commission: Progress Made in Fostering Partnerships, but National Strategy Remains Largely Descriptive Rather Than Strategic
GAO-09-638T, April 29, 2009
Fiscal Year 2010 Budget Request: U.S. Government Accountability Office
GAO-09-587T, April 28, 2009
Defense Acquisitions: Measuring the Value of DOD's Weapon Programs Requires Starting with Realistic Baselines
GAO-09-543T, April 1, 2009
Defense Acquisitions: Assessments of Selected Weapon Programs
GAO-09-326SP, March 30, 2009
Private Pensions: Conflicts of Interest Can Affect Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Plans
GAO-09-503T, March 24, 2009
2010 Census: Communications Campaign Has Potential to Boost Participation
GAO-09-525T, March 23, 2009
Health-Care-Associated Infections In Hospitals: Continuing Leadership Needed from HHS to Prioritize Prevention Practices and Improve Data on These Infections
GAO-09-516T, March 18, 2009
Clean Coal: DOE Should Prepare a Comprehensive Analysis of the Relative Costs, Benefits, and Risks of a Range of Options for FutureGen
GAO-09-465T, March 11, 2009
NASA: Projects Need More Disciplined Oversight and Management to Address Key Challenges
GAO-09-436T, March 5, 2009
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: GAO's Role in Helping to Ensure Accountability and Transparency
GAO-09-453T, March 5, 2009
Information Technology: Census Bureau Testing of 2010 Decennial Systems Can Be Strengthened
GAO-09-414T, March 5, 2009
Information Technology: Census Bureau Needs to Strengthen Testing of 2010 Decennial Systems
GAO-09-413T, March 5, 2009
Information Technology: Census Bureau Testing of 2010 Decennial Systems Can Be Strengthened
GAO-09-262, March 5, 2009
"How Much Will This Program Really Cost?" GAO Issues First-of-Its-Kind Cost Estimating Guide to Answer Such Questions
A87669, March 2, 2009
GAO Cost Estimating and Assessment Guide: Best Practices for Developing and Managing Capital Program Costs (Supersedes GAO-07-1134SP)
GAO-09-3SP, March 2, 2009
Securities and Exchange Commission: Amendments to Rules for Nationally Recognized Statistical Rating Organizations
GAO-09-378R, February 23, 2009
Government Printing Office: Issues Faced in Obtaining a New Facility
GAO-09-392R, February 20, 2009
Clean Coal: DOE's Decision to Restructure FutureGen Should Be Based on a Comprehensive Analysis of Costs, Benefits, and Risks
GAO-09-248, February 13, 2009
Transportation Research: The Department of Transportation Has Made Progress in Coordinating and Reviewing Its Research Activities
GAO-09-361T, February 12, 2009
Military Training: Navy and Air Force Need to More Fully Apply Best Practices to Enhance Development and Management of Combat Skills Training
GAO-09-220R, January 28, 2009
Foreign Assistance: State Department Foreign Aid Information Systems Have Improved Change Management Practices but Do Not Follow Risk Management Best Practices
GAO-09-52R, November 21, 2008
Health Information Technology: More Detailed Plans Needed for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Redesigned BioSense Program
GAO-09-100, November 20, 2008
Information Technology: Management Improvements Needed on the Department of Homeland Security's Next Generation Information Sharing System
GAO-09-40, October 8, 2008
Small Business Administration: Opportunities Exist to Build on Leadership's Efforts to Improve Agency Performance and Employee Morale
GAO-08-995, September 24, 2008
Information Technology: Treasury Needs to Better Define and Implement Its Earned Value Management Policy
GAO-08-951, September 22, 2008
Elections: Federal Program for Certifying Voting Systems Needs to Be Further Defined, Fully Implemented, and Expanded
GAO-08-814, September 16, 2008
Diversity at GAO: Sustained Attention Needed to Build on Gains in SES and Managers
GAO-08-1156T, September 16, 2008
Defense Budget: Independent Review Is Needed to Ensure DOD's Use of Cost Estimating Tool for Contingency Operations Follows Best Practices
GAO-08-982, September 15, 2008
Information Technology: SSA Has Taken Key Steps for Managing Its Investments, but Needs to Strengthen Oversight and Fully Define Policies and Procedures
GAO-08-1020, September 12, 2008
Secure Border Initiative: DHS Needs to Address Significant Risks in Delivering Key Technology Investment
GAO-08-1148T, September 10, 2008
Diversity at GAO: Sustained Attention Needed to Build on Gains in SES and Managers
GAO-08-1098, September 10, 2008
DOD Business Transformation: Air Force's Current Approach Increases Risk That Asset Visibility Goals and Transformation Priorities Will Not Be Achieved
GAO-08-866, August 8, 2008
Information Technology: Agencies Need to Establish Comprehensive Policies to Address Changes to Projects' Cost, Schedule, and Performance Goals
GAO-08-925, July 31, 2008
Long-Term Care Insurance: State Oversight of Rate Setting and Claims Settlement Practices
GAO-08-1016T, July 24, 2008
Private Pensions: GAO Survey of 401(k) Plan Sponsor Practices (GAO-08-870SP, July 2008), an E-supplement to GAO-08-774
GAO-08-870SP, July 16, 2008
Private Pensions: Fulfilling Fiduciary Obligations Can Present Challenges for 401(k) Plan Sponsors
GAO-08-774, July 16, 2008
Long-Term Care Insurance: Oversight of Rate Setting and Claims Settlement Practices
GAO-08-712, June 30, 2008
Telecommunications: Agencies Are Generally Following Sound Transition Planning Practices, and GSA Is Taking Action to Resolve Challenges
GAO-08-759, June 27, 2008
Federal Real Property: Corps of Engineers Needs to Improve the Reliability of Its Real Property Disposal Data
GAO-08-349, May 9, 2008
Defense Acquisitions: Results of Annual Assessment of DOD Weapon Programs
GAO-08-674T, April 29, 2008
Health-Care-Associated Infections in Hospitals: Leadership Needed from HHS to Prioritize Prevention Practices and Improve Data on These Infections
GAO-08-673T, April 16, 2008
Defense Acquisitions: Assessments of Selected Weapon Programs
GAO-08-467SP, March 31, 2008
Health-Care-Associated Infections in Hospitals: Leadership Needed from HHS to Prioritize Prevention Practices and Improve Data on These Infections
GAO-08-283, March 31, 2008
Best Practices: Increased Focus on Requirements and Oversight Needed to Improve DOD's Acquisition Environment and Weapon System Quality
GAO-08-294, February 1, 2008
Business Systems Modernization: Department of the Navy Needs to Establish Management Structure and Fully Define Policies and Procedures for Institutionally Managing Investments
GAO-08-53, October 31, 2007
Information Technology: FBI Following a Number of Key Acquisition Practices on New Case Management System but Improvements Still Needed
GAO-07-912, July 31, 2007
2010 Census: Diversity in Human Capital, Outreach Efforts Can Benefit the 2010 Census
GAO-07-1132T, July 26, 2007
Defense Acquisitions: Realistic Business Cases Needed to Execute Navy Shipbuilding Programs
GAO-07-943T, July 24, 2007
USCIS Transformation: Improvements to Performance, Human Capital, and Information Technology Management Needed as Modernization Proceeds
GAO-07-1013R, July 17, 2007
Cost Assessment Guide: Best Practices for Estimating and Managing Program Costs--Exposure Draft (Superseded by GAO-09-3SP)
GAO-07-1134SP, July 2, 2007
Defense Logistics: Efforts to Improve Distribution and Supply Support for Joint Military Operations Could Benefit from a Coordinated Management Approach
GAO-07-807, June 29, 2007
Homeland Security: Transforming Departmentwide Financial Management Systems Remains a Challenge
GAO-07-1041T, June 28, 2007
Homeland Security: Departmentwide Integrated Financial Management Systems Remain a Challenge
GAO-07-536, June 21, 2007
United Nations Organizations: Oversight and Accountability Could Be Strengthened by Further Instituting International Best Practices
GAO-07-597, June 18, 2007
Business Systems Modernization: DOD Needs to Fully Define Policies and Procedures for Institutionally Managing Investments
GAO-07-538, May 11, 2007
Defense Acquisitions: Improved Management and Oversight Needed to Better Control DOD's Acquisition of Services
GAO-07-832T, May 10, 2007
Defense Transportation: DOD Has Taken Actions to Incorporate Lessons Learned in Transforming Its Freight Distribution System
GAO-07-675R, May 8, 2007
Information Technology: DHS Needs to Fully Define and Implement Policies and Procedures for Effectively Managing Investments
GAO-07-424, April 27, 2007
Space Acquisitions: Actions Needed to Expand and Sustain Use of Best Practices
GAO-07-730T, April 19, 2007
Defense Acquisitions: Assessments of Selected Weapon Programs
GAO-07-406SP, March 30, 2007
Best Practices: An Integrated Portfolio Management Approach to Weapon System Investments Could Improve DOD's Acquisition Outcomes
GAO-07-388, March 30, 2007
Defense Acquisitions: Issues Concerning Airlift and Tanker Programs
GAO-07-566T, March 7, 2007
United Nations: Renovation Planning Follows Industry Practices, but Procurement and Oversight Could Present Challenges
GAO-07-31, November 16, 2006
Best Practices: Stronger Practices Needed to Improve DOD Technology Transition Processes
GAO-06-883, September 14, 2006
National Transportation Safety Board: Preliminary Observations on the Value of Comprehensive Planning, and Greater Use of Leading Practices and the Training Academy
GAO-06-801T, May 24, 2006
2010 Census: Census Bureau Generally Follows Selected Leading Acquisition Planning Practices, but Continued Management Attention Is Needed to Help Ensure Success
GAO-06-277, May 18, 2006
Hurricane Katrina: Improving Federal Contracting Practices in Disaster Recovery Operations
GAO-06-714T, May 4, 2006
Space Acquisitions: Improvements Needed in Space Systems Acquisitions and Keys to Achieving Them
GAO-06-626T, April 6, 2006
Defense Acquisitions: Assessments of Selected Major Weapon Programs
GAO-06-391, March 31, 2006
Financial Management Systems: DHS Has an Opportunity to Incorporate Best Practices in Modernization Efforts
GAO-06-553T, March 29, 2006
DOD Systems Modernization: Planned Investment in the Naval Tactical Command Support System Needs to be Reassessed
GAO-06-215, December 5, 2005
Survey on Program Manager Effectiveness, an E-supplement to GAO-06-110
GAO-06-112SP, November 30, 2005
Best Practices: Better Support of Weapon System Program Managers Needed to Improve Outcomes
GAO-06-110, November 30, 2005
Results-Oriented Government: Practices That Can Help Enhance and Sustain Collaboration among Federal Agencies
GAO-06-15, October 21, 2005
DOD Business Systems Modernization: Navy ERP Adherence to Best Business Practices Critical to Avoid Past Failures
GAO-05-858, September 29, 2005
Managing For Results: Enhancing Agency Use of Performance Information for Management Decision Making
GAO-05-927, September 9, 2005
Information Technology: FBI Is Taking Steps to Develop an Enterprise Architecture, but Much Remains to Be Accomplished
GAO-05-363, September 9, 2005
May 2, 2005 letter commenting on IASB's December 2004 proposed revision to International Standard on Auditing No. 320, "Materiality in the Identification and Evaluation of Misstatements"
A88654, May 2, 2005
May 2, 2005 letter commenting on the IASB's December 2004 proposed revision to International Standard on Auditing No. 540, "Auditing Accounting Estimates and Related Disclosures (Other than Those Involving Fair Value Measurements and Disclosures)"
A88656, May 2, 2005
Federal Aviation Administration: Stronger Architecture Program Needed to Guide Systems Modernization Efforts
GAO-05-266, April 29, 2005
International Peer Review Team Gives GAO's Quality Assurance System a Clean Opinion
A89253, April 20, 2005
Defense Acquisitions: Assessments of Selected Major Weapon Programs
GAO-05-301, March 31, 2005
Federal-Aid Highways: FHWA Needs a Comprehensive Approach to Improving Project Oversight
GAO-05-173, January 31, 2005
Diversity Management: Expert-Identified Leading Practices and Agency Examples
GAO-05-90, January 14, 2005
Port Security: Better Planning Needed to Develop and Operate Maritime Worker Identification Card Program
GAO-05-106, December 10, 2004
Air Traffic Control: FAA's Acquisition Management Has Improved, but Policies and Oversight Need Strengthening to Help Ensure Results
GAO-05-23, November 12, 2004
Informing Our Nation: Improving How to Understand and Assess the USA's Position and Progress
GAO-05-1, November 10, 2004
Foreign Military Sales: DOD Needs to Take Additional Actions to Prevent Unauthorized Shipments of Spare Parts
GAO-05-17, November 9, 2004
Best Practices: Using Spend Analysis to Help Agencies Take a More Strategic Approach to Procurement
GAO-04-870, September 16, 2004
Intelligence Reform: Human Capital Considerations Critical to 9/11 Commission's Proposed Reforms
GAO-04-1084T, September 14, 2004
Information Technology: Foundational Steps Being Taken to Make Needed FBI Systems Modernization Management Improvements
GAO-04-842, September 10, 2004
Posthearing Questions Related to Assessing Progress in Human Capital Management
GAO-04-1072R, September 3, 2004
Defense Acquisitions: Challenges Facing the DD(X) Destroyer Program
GAO-04-973, September 3, 2004
Defense Management: Opportunities to Enhance the Implementation of Performance-Based Logistics
GAO-04-715, August 16, 2004
Information Technology: DOD's Acquisition Policies and Guidance Need to Incorporate Additional Best Practices and Controls
GAO-04-722, July 30, 2004
Information Technology: Training Can Be Enhanced by Greater Use of Leading Practices
GAO-04-791, June 24, 2004
Small Business Administration: New Service for Lender Oversight Reflects Some Best Practices, but Strategy for Use Lags Behind
GAO-04-610, June 8, 2004
DOD Business Systems Modernization: Limited Progress in Development of Business Enterprise Architecture and Oversight of Information Technology Investments
GAO-04-731R, May 17, 2004
Additional Posthearing Questions Related to Proposed Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Human Capital Regulations
GAO-04-617R, April 30, 2004
Defense Acquisitions: Assessments of Major Weapon Programs
GAO-04-248, March 31, 2004
Information Technology Investment Management: A Framework for Assessing and Improving Process Maturity (Supersedes AIMD-10.1.23)
GAO-04-394G, March 1, 2004
Intercity Passenger Rail: Amtrak's Management of Northeast Corridor Improvements Demonstrates Need for Applying Best Practices
GAO-04-94, February 27, 2004
Tax Administration: IRS Issued Advanced Child Tax Credit Payments on Time but Should Study Lessons Learned
GAO-04-372, February 17, 2004
Human Capital: Selected Agencies' Experiences and Lessons Learned in Designing Training and Development Programs
GAO-04-291, January 30, 2004
Best Practices: Using A Knowledge-Based Approach To Improve Weapon Acquisition
GAO-04-386SP, January 1, 2004
Best Practices: Highlights of the Knowledge-Based Approach Used to Improve Weapon Acquisition
GAO-04-392SP, January 1, 2004
Microenterprise Development: USAID's Program Has Met Some Goals; Annual Reporting Has Limitations
GAO-04-171, November 17, 2003
Defense Acquisitions: DOD's Revised Policy Emphasizes Best Practices, but More Controls Are Needed
GAO-04-53, November 10, 2003
Electronic Government: Potential Exists for Enhancing Collaboration on Four Initiatives
GAO-04-6, October 10, 2003
Human Capital: Succession Planning and Management Is Critical Driver of Organizational Transformation
GAO-04-127T, October 1, 2003
Information Technology: FBI Needs an Enterprise Architecture to Guide Its Modernization Activities
GAO-03-959, September 25, 2003
Human Capital: Insights for U.S. Agencies from Other Countries' Succession Planning and Management Initiatives
GAO-03-914, September 15, 2003
Bureau of Land Management: Plan Needed to Sustain Progress in Establishing IT Investment Management Capabilities
GAO-03-1025, September 12, 2003
Contract Management: High-Level Attention Needed to Transform DOD Services Acquisition
GAO-03-935, September 10, 2003
Military Education: DOD Needs to Align Academy Preparatory Schools' Mission Statements with Overall Guidance and Establish Performance Goals
GAO-03-1017, September 10, 2003
Foreign Affairs: Effective Stewardship of Resources Essential to Efficient Operations at State Department, USAID
GAO-03-1009T, September 4, 2003
Grants Management: EPA Needs to Strengthen Efforts to Address Persistent Challenges
GAO-03-846, August 29, 2003
Information Technology: Executive office for U.S. Attorneys Needs to Institutionalize Key IT Management Disciplines
GAO-03-751, July 25, 2003
Depot Maintenance: Key Unresolved Issues Affect the Army Depot System's Viability
GAO-03-682, July 7, 2003
Results-Oriented Cultures: Implementation Steps to Assist Mergers and Organizational Transformations
GAO-03-669, July 2, 2003
Competitive Sourcing: Implementation Will Be Key to Success of New Circular A-76
GAO-03-943T, June 26, 2003
Workforce Investment Act: One-Stop Centers Implemented Strategies to Strengthen Services and Partnerships, but More Research and Information Sharing is Needed
GAO-03-725, June 18, 2003
Best Practices: Improved Knowledge of DOD Service Contracts Could Reveal Significant Savings
GAO-03-661, June 9, 2003
Humanitarian Assistance: Protecting Refugee Women and Girls Remains a Significant Challenge
GAO-03-663, May 23, 2003
Defense Acquisitions: Assessments of Major Weapon Programs
GAO-03-476, May 15, 2003
DOD Civilian Personnel: Improved Strategic Planning Needed to Help Ensure Viability of DOD's Civilian Industrial Workforce
GAO-03-472, April 30, 2003
Business Modernization: Improvements Needed in Management of NASA's Integrated Financial Management Program
GAO-03-507, April 30, 2003
Information Technology: DOD Needs to Leverage Lessons Learned from Its Outsourcing Projects
GAO-03-371, April 25, 2003
Best Practices: Better Acquisition Outcomes Are Possible If DOD Can Apply Lessons from F/A-22 Program
GAO-03-645T, April 11, 2003
Human Capital: Selected Agency Actions to Integrate Human Capital Approaches to Attain Mission Results
GAO-03-446, April 11, 2003
Highway Research: DOT's Actions to Implement Best Practices for Setting Research Agendas and Evaluating Outcomes
GAO-03-640T, April 10, 2003
Depot Maintenance: Public-Private Partnerships Have Increased, but Long-Term Growth and Results Are Uncertain
GAO-03-423, April 10, 2003
Fiscal Year 2004 Budget Request: U.S. General Accounting Office
GAO-03-622T, April 9, 2003
Overseas Presence: Rightsizing Framework Can Be Applied at U.S. Diplomatic Posts in Developing Countries
GAO-03-396, April 7, 2003
Information Technology: A Framework for Assessing and Improving Enterprise Architecture Management (Version 1.1) (Superceded by GAO-10-846G)
GAO-03-584G, April 1, 2003
Fiscal Year 2004 Budget Request: U.S. General Accounting Office
GAO-03-580T, March 27, 2003
Sourcing and Acquisition: Challenges Facing the Department of Defense
GAO-03-574T, March 19, 2003
Customs Service Modernization: Automated Commercial Environment Progressing, but Further Acquisition Management Improvements Needed
GAO-03-406, February 28, 2003
Best Practices: Setting Requirements Differently Could Reduce Weapon Systems' Total Ownership Costs
GAO-03-57, February 11, 2003
Human Capital Management: FAA's Reform Effort Requires a More Strategic Approach
GAO-03-156, February 3, 2003
Federal Student Aid: Progress in Integrating Pell Grant and Direct Loan Systems and Processes, but Critical Work Remains
GAO-03-241, December 31, 2002
Results-Oriented Management: Agency Crosscutting Actions and Plans in Border Control, Flood Mitigation and Insurance, Wetlands, and Wildland Fire Management
GAO-03-321, December 20, 2002
September 11: More Effective Collaboration Could Enhance Charitable Organizations' Contributions in Disasters
GAO-03-259, December 19, 2002
Lessons Learned From Electricity Restructuring: Transition to Competitive Markets Underway, but Full Benefits Will Take Time and Effort to Achieve
GAO-03-271, December 17, 2002
Contract Management: Government Faces Challenges in Gathering Socioeconomic Data on Purchase Card Merchants
GAO-03-56, December 13, 2002
Electronic Government: Selection and Implementation of the Office of Management and Budget's 24 Initiatives
GAO-03-229, November 22, 2002
Highlights of a GAO Forum: Mergers and Transformation: Lessons Learned for a Department of Homeland Security and Other Federal Agencies
GAO-03-293SP, November 14, 2002
2000 Census: Lessons Learned for Planning a More Cost-Effective 2010 Census
GAO-03-40, October 31, 2002
United States Postal Service: Opportunities to Strengthen IT Investment Management Capabilities
GAO-03-3, October 15, 2002
Oregon Inlet Jetty Project: Environmental and Economic Concerns Need to Be Resolved
GAO-02-803, September 30, 2002
Results-Oriented Cultures: Using Balanced Expectations to Manage Senior Executive Performance
GAO-02-966, September 27, 2002
Information Technology: Greater Use of Best Practices Can Reduce Risks in Acquiring Defense Health Care System
GAO-02-345, September 26, 2002
Chemical Weapons: Lessons Learned Program Generally Effective but Could Be Improved and Expanded
GAO-02-890, September 10, 2002
September 11: Interim Report on the Response of Charities
GAO-02-1037, September 3, 2002
Results-Oriented Cultures: Insights for U.S. Agencies from Other Countries' Performance Management Initiatives
GAO-02-862, August 2, 2002
Best Practices: Capturing Design and Manufacturing Knowledge Early Improves Acquisition Outcomes
GAO-02-701, July 15, 2002
Internal Revenue Service: Improving Adequacy of Information Systems Budget Justification
GAO-02-704, June 28, 2002
Defense Space Activities: Status of Reorganization
GAO-02-772R, June 26, 2002
DOD Management: Examples of Inefficient and Ineffective Business Processes
GAO-02-873T, June 25, 2002
Medicare: Challenges Remain in Setting Payments for Medical Equipment and Supplies and Covered Drugs
GAO-02-833T, June 12, 2002
Research and Development: Lessons Learned from Previous Research Could Benefit FreedomCAR Initiative
GAO-02-810T, June 6, 2002
Highway Research: Systematic Selection and Evaluation Processes Needed for Research Program
GAO-02-573, May 24, 2002
Prescription Drugs: State Monitoring Programs Provide Useful Tool to Reduce Diversion
GAO-02-634, May 17, 2002
Tax Administration: Continued Progress Modernizing IRS Depends on Managing Risks
GAO-02-715T, May 14, 2002
Overseas Presence: Observations on a Rightsizing Framework
GAO-02-659T, May 1, 2002
Performance Reporting: Few Agencies Reported on the Completeness and Reliability of Performance Data
GAO-02-372, April 26, 2002
Architect of the Capitol: Management and Accountability Framework Needed to Lead and Execute Change
GAO-02-632T, April 17, 2002
Desktop Outsourcing: Positive Results Reported, but Analyses Could Be Strengthened
GAO-02-329, March 29, 2002
DOD Financial Management: Integrated Approach, Accountability, Transparency, and Incentives Are Keys to Effective Reform
GAO-02-537T, March 20, 2002
Information Technology: Defense Information Systems Agency Can Improve Investment Planning and Management Controls
GAO-02-50, March 15, 2002
DOD Financial Management: Integrated Approach, Accountability, Transparency, and Incentives Are Keys to Effective Reform
GAO-02-497T, March 6, 2002
Executive Guide: Best Practices in Achieving Consistent, Accurate Physical Counts of Inventory and Related Property
GAO-02-447G, March 1, 2002
Contract Management: Answers to Hearing Questions Regarding the Service Acquisition Reform Act
GAO-02-503R, March 1, 2002
Farm Credit Administration: Safety and Soundness Oversight of the Farm Credit System
GAO-02-324R, February 28, 2002
Defense Logistics: Opportunities to Improve the Army's and Navy's Decision-making Process for Weapons Systems Support
GAO-02-306, February 28, 2002
Defense Acquisition: DOD Faces Challenges in Implementing Best Practices
GAO-02-469T, February 27, 2002
Managing For Results: Next Steps to Improve the Federal Government's Management and Performance
GAO-02-439T, February 15, 2002
2000 Census: Best Practices and Lessons Learned for More Cost-Effective Nonresponse Follow-up
GAO-02-196, February 11, 2002
Drug Control: Efforts to Develop Alternatives to Cultivating Illicit Crops in Colombia Have Made Little Progress and Face Serious Obstacles
GAO-02-291, February 8, 2002
Defense Management: Industry Practices Can Help Military Exchanges Better Assure That Their Goods Are Not Made by Child or Forced Labor
GAO-02-256, January 31, 2002
NASA: Better Mechanisms Needed for Sharing Lessons Learned
GAO-02-195, January 30, 2002
Best Practices: Taking a Strategic Approach Could Improve DOD's Acquisition of Services
GAO-02-230, January 18, 2002
Information Technology: Leading Commercial Practices for Outsourcing of Services
GAO-02-214, November 30, 2001
Debt Management: Insights and Tools From Selected Nations
GAO-02-14, November 21, 2001
Military Transformation: Army Has a Comprehensive Plan for Managing Its Transformation but Faces Major Challenges
GAO-02-96, November 16, 2001
Joint Strike Fighter Acquisition: Mature Critical Technologies Needed to Reduce Risks
GAO-02-39, October 19, 2001
Information Sharing: Practices That Can Benefit Critical Infrastructure Protection
GAO-02-24, October 15, 2001
Strategies to Manage Improper Payments: Learning From Public and Private Sector Organizations (Supersedes GAO-01-703G)
GAO-02-69G, October 1, 2001
Human Capital: Practices That Empowered and Involved Employees
GAO-01-1070, September 14, 2001
Defense Logistics: Air Force Lacks Data to Assess Contractor Logistics Support Approaches
GAO-01-618, September 7, 2001
VA Health Care: More National Action Needed to Reduce Waiting Times, but Some Clinics Have Made Progress
GAO-01-953, August 31, 2001
2000 Census: Review of Partnership Program Highlights Best Practices for Future Operations
GAO-01-579, August 20, 2001
Residential Energy Assistance: Effectiveness of Demonstration Program as Yet Undetermined
GAO-01-723, August 17, 2001
Defense Acquisitions: Actions to Improve Navy SPAWAR Low-Rate Initial Production Decisions
GAO-01-735, August 7, 2001
Mass Transit: Many Management Successes at WMATA, but Capital Planning Could Be Enhanced
GAO-01-744, July 3, 2001
Executive Guide: Best Practices in Achieving Consistent, Accurate Physical Counts of Inventory and Related Property
GAO-01-763G, July 1, 2001
Defense Acquisition: Comanche Program Objectives Need to Be Revised to More Achievable Levels
GAO-01-450, June 7, 2001
Defense Acquisition: Army Transformation Faces Weapon Systems Challenges
GAO-01-311, May 21, 2001
Information Technology: Architecture Needed to Guide Modernization of DOD's Financial Operations
GAO-01-525, May 17, 2001
Best Practices: DOD Teaming Practices Not Achieving Potential Results
GAO-01-510, April 10, 2001
DOD Information Technology: Software and Systems Process Improvement Programs Vary in Use of Best Practices
GAO-01-116, March 30, 2001
Restructuring of the District of Columbia Department of Public Works' Division of Transportation
GAO-01-347R, March 16, 2001
Best Practices: Better Matching of Needs and Resources Will Lead to Better Weapon System Outcomes
GAO-01-288, March 8, 2001
Defense Acquisitions: Readiness of the Marine Corps' V-22 Aircraft for Full-Rate Production
GAO-01-369R, February 20, 2001
Regulatory Management: Communication About Technology-Based Innovations Can Be Improved
GAO-01-232, February 12, 2001
A Practical Guide to Federal Enterprise Architecture, Version 1.0 (Extended by GAO-03-584G)
P00201, February 2, 2001
Executive Guide: Maximizing the Success of Chief Information Officers: Learning From Leading Organizations (Supersedes AIMD-00-83)
GAO-01-376G, February 1, 2001
Determining Performance and Accountability Challenges and High Risks
GAO-01-159SP, November 1, 2000
Managing for Results: Emerging Benefits From Selected Agencies' Use of Performance Agreements
GAO-01-115, October 30, 2000
Program Evaluation: Studies Helped Agencies Measure or Explain Program Performance
GGD-00-204, September 29, 2000
Year 2000 Computing Challenge: Lessons Learned Can Be Applied to Other Management Challenges
AIMD-00-290, September 12, 2000
Human Capital: A Self-Assessment Checklist for Agency Leaders
OCG-00-14G, September 1, 2000
Customer Service: Human Capital Management at Selected Public and Private Call Centers
GGD-00-161, August 22, 2000
Best Practices: A More Constructive Test Approach Is Key to Better Weapon System Outcomes
NSIAD-00-199, July 31, 2000
Department of Defense: Implications of Financial Management Issues
T-AIMD/NSIAD-00-264, July 20, 2000
Federal Facilities Council's Report on the Role of Facility Design Reviews in Facilities Construction
GGD-00-172R, July 11, 2000
Electronic Signature: Sanction of the Department of State's System
AIMD-00-227R, July 10, 2000
Federal Rulemaking: Agencies' Use of Information Technology to Facilitate Public Participation
GGD-00-135R, June 30, 2000
Defense Software: Review of Defense Report on Software Development Best Practices
AIMD-00-209R, June 15, 2000
Information Technology Management: SBA Needs to Establish Policies and Procedures for Key IT Processes
AIMD-00-170, May 31, 2000
Defense Acquisitions: Decisions on the Joint Strike Fighter Will Be Critical for Acquisition Reform
T-NSIAD-00-173, May 10, 2000
IRS Modernization: Long-term Effort Under Way, but Significant Challenges Remain
T-GGD/AIMD-00-154, May 3, 2000
Information Technology Investment Management: A Framework for Assessing and Improving Process Maturity (Exposure Draft) (Superseded by GAO-04-394G)
AIMD-10.1.23, May 1, 2000
Information Technology Investment Management: An Overview of GAO's Assessment Framework (Exposure Draft)
AIMD-00-155, May 1, 2000
Welfare Reform: Improving State Automated Systems Requires Coordinated Federal Effort
HEHS-00-48, April 27, 2000
Defense Acquisition: Employing Best Practices Can Shape Better Weapon System Decisions
T-NSIAD-00-137, April 26, 2000
Veterans' Benefits: Promising Claims-Processing Practices Need to Be Evaluated
HEHS-00-65, April 7, 2000
Executive Guide: Creating Value Through World-class Financial Management (Supersedes AIMD-99-45)
AIMD-00-134, April 1, 2000
VA Systems Security: Information System Controls at the New Mexico VA Health Care System
AIMD-00-88R, March 24, 2000
Health Care Access: Programs for Underserved Populations Could Be Improved
T-HEHS-00-81, March 23, 2000
Community Health Centers: Adapting to Changing Health Care Environment Key to Continued Success
HEHS-00-39, March 10, 2000
Medicaid Managed Care: Challenges in Implementing Safeguards for Children With Special Needs
HEHS-00-37, March 3, 2000
U.S. Infrastructure: Funding Trends and Opportunities to Improve Investment Decisions
RCED/AIMD-00-35, February 7, 2000
Human Capital: Key Principles From Nine Private Sector Organizations
GGD-00-28, January 31, 2000
Defense Inventory: Opportunities Exist to Expand the Use of Defense Logistics Agency Best Practices
NSIAD-00-30, January 26, 2000
Defense Inventory: Improved Management Framework Needed to Guide Air Force Best Practice Initiatives
NSIAD-00-2, November 18, 1999
Information Security Risk Assessment: Practices of Leading Organizations
AIMD-00-33, November 1, 1999
Managing for Results: Strengthening Regulatory Agencies' Performance Management Practices
GGD-00-10, October 28, 1999
Defense Inventory: Improved Management Framework Needed to Guide Navy Best Practice Initiatives
NSIAD-00-1, October 21, 1999
Management Reform: Elements of Successful Improvement Initiatives
T-GGD-00-26, October 15, 1999
Reported Medicaid Year 2000 Readiness
AIMD-00-22R, October 5, 1999
Certification Requirements: New Guidance Should Encourage Transparency in Agency Decisionmaking
GGD-99-170, September 24, 1999
Defense Inventory: Improved Management Framework Needed to Guide Army Best Practice Initiatives
NSIAD-99-217, September 14, 1999
Medicaid Enrollment: Amid Declines, State Efforts to Ensure Coverage After Welfare Reform Vary
HEHS-99-163, September 10, 1999
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: DOD's Demonstration Approach Has Improved Project Outcomes
NSIAD-99-33, August 30, 1999
Best Practices: DOD Training Can Do More to Help Weapon System Programs Implement Best Practices
NSIAD-99-206, August 16, 1999
Anti-Car Theft Act: Issues Concerning Additional Federal Funding of Vehicle Title System
GGD-99-132, August 13, 1999
Best Practices: Better Management of Technology Development Can Improve Weapon System Outcomes
NSIAD-99-162, July 30, 1999
Performance Plans: Selected Approaches for Verification and Validation of Agency Performance Information
GGD-99-139, July 30, 1999
USDA Information Security: Weaknesses at National Finance Center Increase Risk of Fraud, Misuse, and Improper Disclosure
AIMD-99-227, July 30, 1999
Indian Trust Funds: Challenges Facing Interior's Implementation of New Trust Asset and Accounting Management System
T-AIMD-99-238, July 14, 1999
Medicare Contractors: Despite Its Efforts, HCFA Cannot Ensure Their Effectiveness or Integrity
HEHS-99-115, July 14, 1999
Food Stamp Program: Households Collect Benefits for Persons Disqualified for Intentional Program Violations
RCED-99-180, July 8, 1999
Dietary Supplements: Uncertainties in Analyses Underlying FDA's Proposed Rule on Ephedrine Alkaloids
HEHS/GGD-99-90, July 2, 1999
Recovery Auditing: Reducing Overpayments, Achieving Accountability, and the Government Waste Corrections Act of 1999
T-NSIAD-99-213, June 29, 1999
Defense Transportation: Plan Needed for Evaluating the Navy Personal Property Pilot
NSIAD-99-138, June 23, 1999
GSA's Effort to Develop Year 2000 Business Continuity and Contingency Plans for Telecommunications Systems
AIMD-99-201R, June 16, 1999
Tax Systems Modernization: Results of Review of IRS' Initial Expenditure Plan
AIMD/GGD-99-206, June 15, 1999
U.S. Postal Service: Subcommittee Questions Concerning Year 2000 Challenges Facing the Service
AIMD-99-150R, April 23, 1999
Information Security: The Melissa Computer Virus Demonstrates Urgent Need for Stronger Protection Over Systems and Sensitive Data
T-AIMD-99-146, April 15, 1999
Defense Acquisition: Best Commercial Practices Can Improve Program Outcomes
T-NSIAD-99-116, March 17, 1999
SSA Disability Redesign: Actions Needed to Enhance Future Progress
HEHS-99-25, March 12, 1999
Gender Issues: Medical Support for Female Soldiers Deployed to Bosnia
NSIAD-99-58, March 10, 1999
Defense Health Care: Need for Top-to-Bottom Redesign of Pharmacy Programs
T-HEHS-99-75, March 10, 1999
State Department: Major Management Challenges and Program Risks
T-NSIAD/AIMD-99-99, March 4, 1999
Agency Performance Plans: Examples of Practices That Can Improve Usefulness to Decisionmakers
GGD/AIMD-99-69, February 26, 1999
HUD Information Systems: Improved Management Practices Needed to Control Integration Cost and Schedule
AIMD-99-25, December 18, 1998
Managing for Results: Measuring Program Results That Are Under Limited Federal Control
GGD-99-16, December 11, 1998
Executive Guide: Leading Practices in Capital Decision-Making (Supersedes AIMD-98-110)
AIMD-99-32, December 1, 1998
Year 2000 Computing Crisis: A Testing Guide (Supersedes AIMD-10.1.21)
AIMD-10.1.21, November 1, 1998
Financial Management: Comparison of the Arthur Andersen Study and the Ernst and Young Financial Audit of the National Institutes of Health
AIMD-99-9R, October 2, 1998
Department of State IRM: Modernization Program at Risk Absent Full Implementation of Key Best Practices
NSIAD-98-242, September 29, 1998
HIV/AIDS: Observations on USAID and U.N. Prevention Efforts
T-NSIAD-98-232, September 16, 1998
Year 2000 Computing Crisis: Business Continuity and Contingency Planning (Supersedes AIMD-10.1.19)
AIMD-10.1.19, August 1, 1998
State Department: Options for Reducing Overseas Housing and Furniture Costs
NSIAD-98-128, July 31, 1998
Defense Health Care: Fully Integrated Pharmacy System Would Improve Service and Cost-Effectiveness
HEHS-98-176, June 12, 1998
Tax Administration: Increasing EFT Usage for Installment Agreements Could Benefit IRS
GGD-98-112, June 10, 1998
Executive Guide: Information Security Management--Learning From Leading Organizations (Supersedes AIMD-98-21)
AIMD-98-68, May 1, 1998
Defense Health Care: Operational Difficulties and System Uncertainties Pose Continuing Challenges for TRICARE
HEHS-98-136R, April 10, 1998
The Results Act: An Evaluator's Guide to Assessing Agency Annual Performance Plans
GGD-10.1.20, April 1, 1998
HUD Management: Information on HUD's 2020 Management Reform Plan
RCED-98-86, March 20, 1998
Defense Acquisition: Improved Program Outcomes Are Possible
T-NSIAD-98-123, March 18, 1998
Best Practices: DOD Can Help Suppliers Contribute More to Weapon System Programs
NSIAD-98-87, March 17, 1998
Defense Management: Challenges Facing DOD in Implementing Defense Reform Initiatives
T-NSIAD/AIMD-98-122, March 13, 1998
Executive Guide: Measuring Performance and Demonstrating Results of Information Technology Investments
AIMD-98-89, March 1, 1998
Inventory Management: DOD Can Build on Progress by Using Best Practices for Reparable Parts
NSIAD-98-97, February 27, 1998
Best Practices: Successful Application to Weapon Acquisitions Requires Changes in DOD's Environment
NSIAD-98-56, February 24, 1998
Managing for Results: Experiences of Selected Credit Programs
GGD-98-41, February 19, 1998
Child Nutrition Programs: Reauthorization Issues
RCED-98-81R, February 13, 1998
Agencies' Annual Performance Plans Under the Results Act: An Assessment Guide to Facilitate Congressional Decisionmaking
GGD/AIMD-10.1.18, February 1, 1998
Defense Inventory Management: Expanding Use of Best Practices for Hardware Items Can Reduce Logistics Costs
NSIAD-98-47, January 20, 1998
Best Practices: Elements Critical to Successfully Reducing Unneeded RDT&E Infrastructure
NSIAD/RCED-98-23, January 8, 1998
State Department: Using Best Practices to Relocate Employees Could Reduce Costs and Improve Service
NSIAD-98-19, October 17, 1997
Year 2000 Computing Crisis: An Assessment Guide (Supersedes 158206)
AIMD-10.1.14, September 1, 1997
Superfund: Integrated Site Assessments May Expedite Cleanups
RCED-97-181, July 24, 1997
Inventory Management: Greater Use of Best Practices Could Reduce DOD's Logistics Costs
T-NSIAD-97-214, July 24, 1997
Internal Revenue Service: Issues Affecting IRS' Private Debt Collection Pilot
GGD-97-129R, July 18, 1997
The Results Act: Observations on VA's June 1997 Draft Strategic Plan
HEHS-97-174R, July 11, 1997
State Department: Provision of Residential Furniture Inconsistent With Best Practices
NSIAD-97-173R, June 10, 1997
School Meal Programs: Sharing Information on Best Practices May Improve Programs' Operations
RCED-97-126, May 21, 1997
Major Acquisitions: Significant Changes Underway in DOD's Earned Value Management Process
NSIAD-97-108, May 5, 1997
Agencies' Strategic Plans Under GPRA: Key Questions to Facilitate Congressional Review (Version 1)
GGD-10.1.16, May 1, 1997
Inventory Management: The Army Could Reduce Logistics Costs for Aviation Parts by Adopting Best Practices
NSIAD-97-82, April 15, 1997
Business Process Reengineering Assessment Guide--Version 3
AIMD-10.1.15, April 1, 1997
Defense Inventory Management: Problems, Progress, and Additional Actions Needed
T-NSIAD-97-109, March 20, 1997
Hispanic Employment: Best Practices Used by Selected Agencies and Companies
GGD-97-46R, March 10, 1997
Managing For Results: Enhancing the Usefulness of GPRA Consultations Between the Executive Branch and Congress
T-GGD-97-56, March 10, 1997
Assessing Risks and Returns: A Guide for Evaluating Federal Agencies' IT Investment Decision-making
AIMD-10.1.13, February 3, 1997
High-Risk Series: Department of Energy Contract Management
HR-97-13, February 1, 1997
Managing Technology: Best Practices Can Improve Performance and Produce Results
T-AIMD-97-38, January 31, 1997
Best Practices: Commercial Quality Assurance Practices Offer Improvements for DOD
NSIAD-96-162, August 26, 1996
Inventory Management: Adopting Best Practices Could Enhance Navy Efforts to Achieve Efficiencies and Savings
NSIAD-96-156, July 12, 1996
Governmentwide Travel Management: Views on the Proposed Travel Reform and Savings Act
T-AIMD-96-127, July 9, 1996
Prescription Drugs and Medicaid: Automated Review Systems Can Help Promote Safety, Save Money
AIMD-96-72, June 11, 1996
Executive Guide: Effectively Implementing the Government Performance and Results Act
GGD-96-118, June 1, 1996
Practice Guidelines: Managed Care Plans Customize Guidelines to Meet Local Interests
HEHS-96-95, May 30, 1996
Customs Service Modernization: Strategic Information Management Must Be Improved for National Automation Program to Succeed
AIMD-96-57, May 9, 1996
Information Technology: Best Practices Can Improve Performance and Produce Results
T-AIMD-96-46, February 26, 1996
Best Management Practices: Reengineering the Air Force's Logistics System Can Yield Substantial Savings
NSIAD-96-5, February 21, 1996
Defense Industrial Security: Weaknesses in U.S. Security Arrangements With Foreign-Owned Defense Contractors
NSIAD-96-64, February 20, 1996
Medicare: Millions Can Be Saved by Screening Claims for Overused Services
T-HEHS-96-86, February 8, 1996
Transforming the Civil Service: Building the Workforce of the Future: Results of a GAO-Sponsored Symposium
GGD-96-35, December 26, 1995
Military Sealift Command: Weak Controls and Management of Contractor-Operated Ships
NSIAD-96-41, December 12, 1995
Medicare Transaction System: Strengthened Management and Sound Development Approach Critical to Success
T-AIMD-96-12, November 16, 1995
Health Care Delivery and Quality Issue Area Plan--Fiscal Years 1996-98
IAP-95-35, September 1, 1995
Inventory Management: DOD Can Build on Progress in Using Best Practices to Achieve Substantial Savings
NSIAD-95-142, August 4, 1995
Best Practices Methodology: A New Approach for Improving Government Operations
NSIAD-95-154, May 1, 1995
Business Process Reengineering: DOD Has a Significant Opportunity to Reduce Travel Costs by Using Industry Practices
T-AIMD-95-101, March 28, 1995
Travel Process Reengineering: DOD Faces Challenges in Using Industry Practices to Reduce Costs
AIMD/NSIAD-95-90, March 2, 1995
Reengineering Organizations: Results of a GAO Symposium
NSIAD-95-34, December 13, 1994
Financial Management: Oversight of Small Facilities for the Mentally Retarded and Developmentally Disabled
AIMD-94-152, August 12, 1994
Partnerships: Customer-Supplier Relationships Can Be Improved Through Partnering
NSIAD-94-173, July 19, 1994
Commercial Practices: DOD Could Reduce Electronics Inventories by Using Private Sector Techniques
NSIAD-94-110, June 29, 1994
Executive Guide: Improving Mission Performance Through Strategic Information Management and Technology
AIMD-94-115, May 1, 1994
Commercial Practices: Leading-Edge Practices Can Help DOD Better Manage Clothing and Textile Stocks
NSIAD-94-64, April 13, 1994
Commercial Practices: DOD Could Save Millions by Reducing Maintenance and Repair Inventories
NSIAD-93-155, June 7, 1993
DOD Food Inventory: Using Private Sector Practices Can Reduce Costs and Eliminate Problems
NSIAD-93-110, June 4, 1993
VA Health Care For Women: Despite Progress, Improvements Needed
HRD-92-23, January 23, 1992
DOD Medical Inventory: Reductions Can Be Made Through the Use of Commercial Practices
NSIAD-92-58, December 5, 1991
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