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International Affairs:

Review of U.S. Response to the Honduran Political Crisis of 2009
Published: Oct 20, 2011. Publicly Released: Nov 21, 2011.

Foreign Assistance:

U.S. Funding for Democracy-Related Programs (China)
Published: Feb 27, 2004. Publicly Released: Feb 27, 2004.

Overseas Presence:

Rightsizing Framework Can Be Applied at U.S. Diplomatic Posts in Developing Countries
Published: Apr 7, 2003. Publicly Released: Apr 7, 2003.

Overseas Presence:

Conditions of Overseas Diplomatic Facilities
Published: Mar 20, 2003. Publicly Released: Mar 20, 2003.

Foreign Affairs:

Effort to Upgrade Information Technology Overseas Faces Formidable Challenges
Published: Jun 22, 2000. Publicly Released: Jun 22, 2000.

Combating Terrorism:

Issues in Managing Counterterrorist Programs
Published: Apr 6, 2000. Publicly Released: Apr 6, 2000.

United Nations:

Status of U.S. Contributions and Arrears
Published: Jul 28, 1999. Publicly Released: Jul 28, 1999.

Nuclear Nonproliferation and Safety:

Concerns With the International Atomic Energy Agency's Technical Cooperation Program
Published: Sep 16, 1997. Publicly Released: Sep 16, 1997.

Nuclear Safety:

International Atomic Energy Agency's Nuclear Technical Assistance for Cuba
Published: Mar 24, 1997. Publicly Released: Mar 24, 1997.

Nuclear Safety:

Uncertainties About the Implementation and Costs of the Nuclear Safety Convention
Published: Jan 2, 1997. Publicly Released: Jan 2, 1997.